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Teachers are fighting a nonstop battle to bring the energy in the room down to their level, which meant there was some stuff they couldn’t tell you about. Because the truth is, and don’t tell them we told you this, the world around you is fucking amazing. It’s just way easier to manage a classroom full of children on the verge of falling asleep than one that is vibrating with sheer, joyous energy because nobody can freaking believe how goddamn amazing blue whales are!
And so, they edited the coolest stuff out of the stories they taught you, inundated you with dates and names and other curiosity-dampening instruments to clog the information-craving hole in your brain that churns out questions like, “Yeah, but why is the the stuff inside of the leaves green?”
When people get married they’re not just doing it for themselves; they’re also doing it for their families and friends and everyone who wants to get drunk and make a fool of themselves on the dance floor. That’s why I borderline revile the mercenary culture of weddings and wedding planners and the grotesque expense that goes into most of these ceremonies but kind of love weddings themselves and consider it my solemn duty to get drunk and dance to the point of exhaustion.
Nathan Rabin, theavc

signsoflifeonearth asked:

I'm a writer, or trying to be one, anyway. I was just wondering if you ever had moments of crippling doubt that made you want to give up, and if so, how did you get past them?


About every 3rd question I get is a variation on this. How do I get past self doubt in order to create the work I envision myself creating?

There is no answer to this question.

Keep trying until you can’t, then keep trying some more, then maybe take a short snack break, then keep trying some more.

We might not ever get there but we have to keep trying.

That’s the lesson at the end of Scott Pilgrim cause it’s all I knew to tell you.

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