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When people get married they’re not just doing it for themselves; they’re also doing it for their families and friends and everyone who wants to get drunk and make a fool of themselves on the dance floor. That’s why I borderline revile the mercenary culture of weddings and wedding planners and the grotesque expense that goes into most of these ceremonies but kind of love weddings themselves and consider it my solemn duty to get drunk and dance to the point of exhaustion.
Nathan Rabin, theavc

signsoflifeonearth asked:

I'm a writer, or trying to be one, anyway. I was just wondering if you ever had moments of crippling doubt that made you want to give up, and if so, how did you get past them?


About every 3rd question I get is a variation on this. How do I get past self doubt in order to create the work I envision myself creating?

There is no answer to this question.

Keep trying until you can’t, then keep trying some more, then maybe take a short snack break, then keep trying some more.

We might not ever get there but we have to keep trying.

That’s the lesson at the end of Scott Pilgrim cause it’s all I knew to tell you.

Gambino Origins: mc DJ—Mirror and Analysis


Forever Childish Presents

Gambino Origins: mc DJ


Before Donald was releasing music as Childish Gambino, he was making remixes and raps under the name “mc DJ”. We’ve compiled a mixtape consisting exclusively of all the raps Donald released on his mc DJ albums. To check out and download the entire mc DJ library go here.


  1. Rockstar
  2. I’m Goin In (Bambini Mix)
  3. Get Like Me (STREET REMIX!!!)
  4. Drop (Gambino Remix)
  5. Grimey ft. K Flay and Bambino X
  6. Amazing
  7. Starlight ft. DC Pierson and Amber Petty
  8. 08 Out in Cali
  9. Candy Store
  10. Homegirls (mcDJ instr)
  11. New Girl
  12. New York Pity
  13. F*** Stick
  14. Out in Cali2
  15. Girls Look Better ft. Bambino X
  16. Best I Ever Had (Bambi Remix)
  17. I’m So Fly (Elroy)
  18. Get it ft. Bambino X
  19. I’m Crazy ft. Cherry
  20. So much Better
  21. Mr. Gambino (Tha Rocker)
  22. Freaks and Geeks (mcDJ Remix)
  23. Freestyle
Note: Original picture belongs to the incredibly talented sosupersam.

I never downloaded this, but here’s a MIRROR I put together from his discography.

Some things to note from the future:

Rockstar-"I know my name’s CG, but I’m so real."

Drop (Gambino Remix)-"Callin’ me a prostitute, not ‘cause I got a baby, they callin’ me The Prostitute ‘cause fuck you, pay me."

Amazing-“My hat broke off,” Gambino would later complain about how pretty girls only like this type of dude.
"Yo I go to Bellevue ‘cause my flow is insane"

Starlight ft. DC Pierson and Amber Petty, So much Better, and Mr. Gambino (Tha Rocker)-Wow, mc DJ goes INSANE with awful samples. These songs were later put on Poindexter with those omitted. I put those versions on here.

Out in Cali-This Maybach pun makes a lot more sense when it’s used later in Backpackers. He even rymes it with “wave cap” again!
"Now I’m in my prime like one of the Transformers"

I’m So Fly (Elroy)-"And I’m feeling myself; that’s why my wrists hurt, which means I masturbate"
"I’m flyer like a local band"

Get It ft. Bambino X-The first part of this is so nice, but your mind will be blown at 1:33. Sound familiar?

  • Track Name

    Punch Quest, Android, and Free Sales

  • Album

    Walled Garden Weekly Season 1

  • Artist

    Arash Keshmirian and Kevin Pazirandeh

My favorite walledgardenweekly exchange.

In which Kevin reveals to Arash what kind of information you get on the Google Play sale logs.

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